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Pictures by Doctor Terry C. Lairmore
The birds from top to bottom

-Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
-Violet-crowned hummingbird
-Hooded Oriole
-Tufted flycatcher (Mexican)
-Black-throated Magpie-Jay
-Tiger Heron (on Rio El Fuerte)

In today’s world, dollar for dollar, there is no better value than an adventure to one of the last, great, pristine wildernesses of the world than to visit the Copper Canyon. This is what National Geographic calls, “one of the top five train rides of the world.” We offer customised private tours to Copper Canyon in Mexico to suit every budget.

You may be able to find this trip cheaper elsewhere, but when we say all-inclusive, we mean it.

We are your personal concierge service ensuring quality and satisfaction throughout your adventure. While you travel, we contact our suppliers daily and are just a phone call or e-mail away.

Not only do we prepare your hotel reservations, activities, train tickets, and transportation; we also help you to find the best deals on your flights to Mexico.

We offer unique experiences to fit your activity levels, budget, travel dates, and cultural immersion.

We supply each group with our client guide loaded with information about what to pack, places you will visit, history, cultural references, and train information.

Birdwatchers can find over 100 species of difficult to find indigenous birds in the world, including the Vermillion Fly Catcher, the Cawa Cawa Eagle, and Soldier Macaws.

Copper Canyon is home to five aboriginal tribes, one of which was only discovered by anthropologists after World War II.

For you train enthusiasts, El Chepe, goes up a 7.5 degree grade only because it is powered by two GE locomotives that push and pull four luxury Pullman cars and a Pullman restaurant and bar car.

There is not a bad seat in the house (though for the very best views we suggest sitting on the right side heading eastward, left heading west).

The train passes over 30+ span bridges, through 86 tunnels, one a mile long, past mile-high waterfalls, (that sometimes produce upside down rainbows). The train stops along the way for you to interact with the indigenous people, who have tasty traditional culinary, arts and crafts, and live among spectacular vistas.

All of our suppliers are aboriginals.

Please contact us with any questions regarding our tours

Feel free to contact us by phone +52 1 624 134 1429