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Carlos Castaneda and the influence of Copper Canyon

by Nov 11, 2019Uncategorized

Surprisingly, Carlos Castaneda books can be found in the non-fiction section. He writes of mystical tours of the mind with works of The Teaching of Don to A Separate Reality. His influence reaches many. For example, this is a blog of an inspirational story of a man who went upon his own journey to find more. he traveled to the Copper Canyon area, where Carlos Casteneda has found himself.

We hear unique experiences from each of our travelers. When I ask people of their “favorites”, the answers change. We like to learn about your interests, as to design an adventurous experience that suits you.

This writer describes entering the Copper Canyon as if a portal.

“Mexican towns as well as the rest of the world, disappeared behind me”.

Brant Secunda

Consequently, there are two “pueblo magico” towns serving at portals to the Copper Canyon. These being El Fuerte and Creel. These locations are so entirely different from each other.

Creel smells of growing apples and can get snow in the winters! It is a cowboy town and center for the Tarahumaran community. The landscape is diverse from monolithic skyscraping rocks, waterfalls, and lakes.

El Fuerte is a lush fertile land with petroglyphs and Mayo communities nearby. It was the center for the mining traffic and over 500 years old.

Carlos Castaneda’s work makes us consider what his personal quest in this unique land. Copper Canyon is a special place for Shamanism, natural, and mystical experiences. There is a living culture of the human spirit connected closely with nature. It is a place that you can find a quietness that is unique to find. People have found growth in learning about the Tarahumaran diet, use of herbs as remedies.

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